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Pharaoh's Dreams

Read the story from the Bible here. Or, read the story from an age-appropriate children’s Bible storybook.

In our Bible Story Box: toy cows, toy stalk of grain (also Hobby Lobby has bundles of wheat), baggie of grain.

Collectors Card: Pharaoh's Dream

Bible Story Bag Ideas:

Other Activities:

Feast and Famine: To help children understand what a famine is, have them cut food pictures out of newspaper and magazines. Glue these all over one paper plate and label it “FEAST.” Label an empty paper plate “FAMINE.”

Gathering the Grain: Blow up balloons or wad up papers and scatter them around the room. Pretend to be Joseph telling the Egyptians to gather the grain because the famine is coming. Have the children run around gathering the “grain” and bringing it to you while you count down from 7 years to 0. You can place the “grain” in a box or sack. Take turns being Joesph.

Grains Sensory Bin: Fill a container with grains (rice, barley, oats, etc.) and hide little toys in it. Let your child explore the grains while you review the story and talk about all the grain Joseph had to collect to last the whole country for 7 years of famine. Let them practice scooping and filling a smaller container with it. Older children make like to help cook some grains to eat.



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