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Covenants: Noah


From the fall in (Gen. 3), the story of the Bible takes a downward turn. From the first murder where Cain kills his brother Abel (Gen. 4), to God being deeply troubled at the wickedness of people (Gen. 6:5-7), the story of the Bible shows creation spiraling back into chaos. One man, Noah, was looked on by God with grace (Gen. 6:8).

Sin filled the whole earth as the order of creation returned to chaos. God washed corruption and violence from the earth through the flood. In doing so, He made a covenant with Noah. Through God’s promises, all life will never again be wiped from the ground through a flood (see Gen. 6:11-18; 9:8-16). From the chaotic waters of the flood, God brings forward restoration and renewal.

Genesis 9:15 (NIV)

“I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. 16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”

God’s faithfulness and commitment to restoration are seen in His covenant with Noah—a commitment that points us forward to Jesus. Seated on the throne of heaven, Jesus said, “I am making everything new!” (ref. Rev. 21:5).

God’s Covenant with Noah: Genesis 9:1-17



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