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Covenants: Moses


The book of Exodus opens with Israel in the land of Egypt. Israel greatly increases in number and becomes mighty (Ex. 1:1-9). As the story unfolds, Pharaoh takes Israel captive and enslaves them. God hears Israel, who cries out to Him in their distress, and sends Moses to lead Israel out of captivity (Ex. 3).

Fleeing Egypt, Israel crosses the Red Sea (Ex. 14). Going through the wilderness, they arrive at Mt. Sinai. God meets with Israel at Mt. Sinai and a covenant is formed through the mediator Moses (Ex. 19-24).

Through this covenant, Israel was to follow the instruction of the Lord. If they would keep this covenant, Israel was to be a special treasure to the Lord, a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation to share the blessing of God throughout the Earth (ref. Isa. 42:6). Israel agreed to do all that the Lord spoke to them.