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Tools For Growth

How often do we consider our spiritual growth? Spiritual growth, like our health, takes planning. Gathering for worship is healthy for our growth. However, if we limit our growth to a few hours each week, we will not mature as we should. We will struggle to supply what is needed for growth. 

I want to share several resources I use to help in my growth and development. These resources also encourage me and help me remain focused throughout the week. You may find them helpful or share them with a friend.

Spiritual growth takes planning!

Links & Resources:

Appian Media (Bible videos & study tools)

BibleProject (articles, videos, study guides, & classes)

BibleTalk.TV (videos, articles, outlines, studies)

Radically Christian (podcasts & articles)

John Mark Hicks (books, articles, & theology)

The Doc File (articles, books, & theology)

Stoned-Campbell Disciple (restoration movement articles, books, & theology)

Bible Gateway (online Bible)

Blue Letter Bible (online Bible)

Bible Study (podcast)

BibleProject (podcast)

Dear Church (podcast)




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