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The Easter Story (wk. 2)

Jesus Prays In The Garden

Read the Bible story here, here, or here, here, or here, here. Or, read out of an age-appropriate children’s Bible story book about Jesus in the garden, his arrest, trial, and crucifixion.

collectors card: Jesus Prays In The Garden

Bible Story Box:

For this series of Easter lessons, continue to use the Resurrection Eggs that are appropriate to the story. Some examples are: praying hands, whip, crown of thorns, cross.

Bible Story Bag Ideas:

Materials to make a tape resist cross (see below)

Other Activities:

Masking Tape Cross—use masking or painter’s tape to make a cross. Let child color, scribble, or paint all over the paper. Then, remove the tape to reveal a tape-relief cross. Follow link for a video.

Easter Garden—use simple materials to make a miniature garden to re-tell the Bible story. Directions and picture found here.

Resurrection Garden craft (for older kids)—this one is more involved and costs more, but can be adapted as needed. The grass seeds are a nice touch.


The Bible App for Kids has the entire Easter story on it and is very interactive.


The Day Jesus Died (Arch Books)


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