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The Easter Story

How To Children's Lessons

Easter Lessons

(Three weeks)

Week 1: Jesus entering Jerusalem, last supper

Week 2: garden, arrest, trial, crucifixion

Week 3: resurrection

Easter Week 1

collector card: The Easter Story

Read from the Bible here (choose a gospel account) about Jesus entering Jerusalem. Read here, here, or here about the last supper. Or, use an age appropriate children’s Bible story book to read these accounts.

In my Bible Story Box: there are various sets of Resurrection Eggs, with varying items inside. Use the eggs with items appropriate to this week’s story such as: a toy donkey, a palm branch, a silver cup, a loaf of bread, and coins.

Bible Story Bag Ideas:

maze, coloring sheets

palm leaf (either a plastic one or cut from paper)

Jesus Enters Jerusalem craft (free membership required)

Last Supper craft (free membership required)

Last Supper coloring page

Last Supper word unscramble

Hosanna bookmarks

Other Ideas:

Paint handprint palm leaves at home (instructions here)

Palm leaf sun catcher to make at home (instructions here)


The Last Supper (YouTube)

Jesus Enters Jerusalem (YouTube)

Triumphal Entry (YouTube)

How to Draw a Palm Leaf (for older kids)


Jesus Enters Jerusalem craft

Jesus Enters Jerusalem book

Palm Leaf Magic Scratch Ornaments

Palm Sunday Felt Banner Craft Kit

Last Supper Felt Figure

Last Supper Peg Doll Set

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