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Joseph's Dreams

Use these images from to tell the story of Joseph and his dreams (please read the terms of download). Images courtesy of John Paul Stanley /

Alternately, read the story out of the Bible here (Genesis 37), or use a children’s Bible story book appropriate to the age of your listeners.

Collectors Card: Joseph's Dreams

Bible Story Bag Ideas:

Joseph’s dreams worksheet (free membership required)

Other Ideas:

Joseph’s coat —let kids use watercolor paints to decorate or glue fabric scraps onto.

Felt coat—cut a piece of felt into a coat shape and let kids place fabric or felt scraps on it to make Joseph’s colorful coat. Can be done over and over.

Joseph’s dream craft—give each child a piece of construction paper, a die-cut person figure, star stickers, and allow them to draw the sun, moon, and stalks of wheat onto the paper to represent his dreams.


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