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Jesus Is Born

Updated: Jan 14

How To: Children's Bible Lessons

Merry Christmas! Today is our last lesson of December and the last lesson of the year. Next week, we will begin some lessons from the Old Testament. Let’s review.

First, we met Mary—who had an angel come and tell her good news. Then we met Joseph—who was visited in a dream by an angel. Then we met the shepherds—who were told about the good news by an angel while they were in the fields and saw a whole lot of angels. What is this good news they were all told about?

Let’s see what’s in our Bible Story Box today.

(Have kids pull out baby Jesus and a small box for the trough)


Remember when we learned about Joseph, he was taking Mary on a trip to his hometown to be counted for the census? Well, when they arrived in Bethlehem—where Joseph was from—it was time for the baby to be born. But Joseph and Mary couldn’t find anywhere to stay. If we go out of town, we usually stay in a hotel room or an Airbnb. But Joseph and Mary couldn’t find anywhere to stay because it was very crowded with everyone there for the census.