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Lessons From A Fig Tree

Lessons From A Fig TreeSteve Ellis
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In Mark 11, we have the curious account of Jesus cursing a fig tree. Later in this chapter, Jesus enters the Temple at Jerusalem. What is Mark teaching us about Jesus and the kingdom of God through these accounts?


Jesus enters Jerusalem. Before He does, He gives His disciples a very specific set of instructions. They are to go into the village and find a colt tied up, they are to lose it and bring it to Jesus. If anyone asks what they are doing, Jesus tells them to say “The Lord has need of it”

Jesus understands everything that is happening. He is not surprised, He knows what is taking place.


Coming up from Bethany the next day, Jesus sees a fig tree. Hungry, He walks up to the tree to see if it has fruit on it to eat. However, the tree does not have any fruit on it. Jesus says, “Let no one eat fruit from you ever again.” (Mk. 11:14). What larger lesson do we learn from the fig tree?


The day before, when Jesus had entered the temple, no one was ready to receive Him. Returning, He finds the temple being used to extort money. The temple was to be a “house of prayer” but it has been turned into a “den of thieves." It had been turned into something it was not intended to be. Not only were people using the temple for profit, but it was also to be a place for all people (or all nations) and some were being pushed out of the temple. 


  • Mark is putting together images and stories of Jesus to reveal His identity and God's kingdom.

  • Are we blocking others from Jesus?


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