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Walking Closer With The Lord: COMMUNITY

In this series, we consider the question, "how do I walk closer with the Lord?" Our last lesson discussed the Importance of Prayer. Continuing, how does understanding community help us draw closer to the Lord?

One Body

As Christians, we are connected as the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12-31). The apostle Paul talks about how we each are individual members of the body, but the members form together as one body. Each part of the body is essential for the health and maturing of the body. This unique community, created in Christ, is vital for our growth. As members of the body, we cannot grow apart from the body.


With the advancement of technology, the church has had opportunities to expand the message of Christ. I am old enough to remember debates about watching church on television. However, in recent years, video, podcasts, streaming platforms, and interactive apps have increased access to sermons, lessons, and devotionals. I am very thankful for this technology and think the church should use every opportunity available to share the hope of Christ. After all, that is part of the purpose of However, these should not replace being connected in community. If we are concerned about growth and walking with the Lord, we will be joined together in community.

Reasons We Are Out

I imagine if we were to list all the reasons people choose to remain disconnected from the body of Christ, the list would be quite long. I have heard reasons such as family commitments, leadership conflicts, hypocrisy, and abuse. I understand these reasons. It could be that you have experienced personal hurt and deep pain from other Christians. If that has been your experience, I am very sorry that you have had to endure this. I encourage you not to let the past actions of others hinder your growth in the Lord today. I hope you find a community to support and encourage you. A community that genuinely lives in the character and nature of Christ.