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Urgency of the Gospel

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

There are times when we experience a sense of urgency. I like to wake up early in the morning, enjoy a cup of coffee while I read the Bible, spend some time in prayer and then get ready for my day. But then there are those mornings when I have overslept. My morning routine is thrown completely off as I hurriedly look for the first thing to put on, brush my teeth, and sprint out the door hoping beyond hope that the traffic in Houston will be light.

A sense of urgency does not always mean panic. There are those times when we have urgent news to share with others. It may be good news such as finding out God has answered our prayers and we want to share this with others. There is a sense of urgency to share the goodness of the Lord.

Several times, I have mentioned Mark’s gospel is an urgent gospel. Mark has a message to share about the Messiah. In chapter 6, Jesus shares this sense of urgency concerning the message of the kingdom. However, not everyone is willing to listen.


Chapter 6 begins with a story of how Jesus is rejected in His hometown. When the Sabbath had come, Jesus begins to teach in the synagogue. Many, hearing Him speak, listened, and were amazed at His teaching and understanding (ref. 6: 1-2). But the words of Jesus also became a stumbling block. Some were offended (ref. 6: 3). In His hometown, among His family, close friends, and those who knew Him as the carpenter’s son, Jesus was rejected by some. They would not hear the urgent message of the kingdom of God. Jesus “marveled because of their unbelief.” (ref. 6: 6). Those of His hometown had a preconceived understanding of Jesus. He is the guy who fixes our broken stuff and repairs our homes. How is it that this carpenter is to teach us in matters concerning God’s kingdom?

It can be easy for us to approach Jesus in this same way. In our minds,