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BibleProject App

Updated: Jan 2

The BibleProject App

Reading through and meditating on the Scriptures is foundational to our Christian faith. However, picking up a Bible and reading from cover to cover can be an overwhelming task. That's why I'm excited about what the BibleProject is launching this year.

The BibleProject App is designed to experience a new journey through the ancient story of the Bible.

"When we read the Bible the way it was designed, we discover a unified story. We're building a reading journey that equips you with the skills to see the larger story of the Bible, every time you read." - BibleProject

Through the BibleProject App, readers will go beyond chapters and verses to experience the Scriptures as "a unified story that leads to Jesus."(1) The App is designed to help the reader see and recognize patterns in the story's movement. Noticing these patterns and movements helps us connect the overall story of the Bible.

The BibleProject App is available for free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Discover more at BibleProject.