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3 Healthy Habits Intro

The SimplyRevised Podcast


Many of us will often consider developing new or healthy habits at this time of the year. We may enjoy setting challenging goals or creating lists of things to do. I would like to share three healthy habits with you that will draw us closer to the Lord. 

The first is developing the healthy habit of prayer. If you are not in the habit of prayer, it can be challenging. How do we pray? What do we pray about? I get it! Prayer can seem awkward at first. Prayer, though, is essential. Through prayer, we communicate with the Father. Through prayer, we draw closer to the Lord and realize our dependence on Him. 

Prayer is not about following a specific formula but communicating with the Father. Start by talking to God, like you would to a trusted friend. Share your joys, fears, doubts, and gratitude. Prayer isn't just about asking for things; it's communication. Consider dedicating a specific time or place each day to help make prayer a regular part of your routine. 

Remember, prayer is a journey, and every small step counts.

The second is realizing the importance of community. As Christians, our lives are intricately woven into the tapestry of the body of Christ—a diverse and interconnected family. In the Scriptures we see how the early church was devoted to one another. This devotion fostered an environment where encouragement, resilience, and a shared sense of purpose flourished within the family of God. If, by chance, you find yourself outside the embrace of a local church community, I encourage you to seek out a congregation nearby. Take the opportunity to connect, share in the richness of fellowship, and partake in a sense of belonging and purpose.

Third, engage the Scriptures. Daily Bible reading can be a difficult habit to develop. The Bible is a large library of books. Its ancient texts chronicle histories of cultures and contain different types of literature. The sheer magnitude of its content can appear daunting. Add to this our hurried lives, and finding time to explore God's Word is difficult. However, there is no substitute for God's Word. Within its pages lies God's wisdom and guidance for our lives. 

If you are not in the habit of daily Bible reading, let me challenge you to create the time, just ten or fifteen minutes in your day if possible. These snippets of time, purposefully dedicated to engaging with God's Word, have the potential to foster a profound habit—one that can lead you on a rich journey in the Lord. 

Drawing closer to the Lord involves cultivating certain habits. Daily prayer, a time to communicate and reflect with the Lord, will deepen our faith. Connecting with community in a local church can offer encouragement. Regular Bible reading and study can provide wisdom, insight, and direction. Considering habits and goals, I hope you will consider these three healthy habits that can help us draw closer to the Lord. 

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