SimplyRevised seeks to encourage, equip, grow, and strengthen your faith in the Lord. 


The SimplyRevised Podcast covers a wide variety of Bible lessons and topics designed to encourage, equip, grow, and strengthen your faith in the Lord. The SimplyRevised Podcast airs fortnightly. 


We also have the Southbelt Church of Christ Podcast, which is audio of Steve's sermons at Southbelt. The Southbelt Podcast has new episodes each week. 


From interesting articles to our latest content, the blog is designed to keep you up to date on all things happening at SimplyRevised. 


We wanted a place where people can have a conversation about discipleship (and many other topics) in a secure place. Join our forum and read, comment, and join the conversations. 


Subscribers will receive updates directly to their inbox whenever we update the website with new content. You will also receive our monthly newsletter. E-mail subscriptions are free. 

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